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We believe that our hand finished performance engine valves offer a unbeatable combination of price and performance. Call us each and every time you need engine valves. This way you will be assured of always getting the valves fast, right the first time and at the most affordable prices around.


Sportflo performance valves are manufactured and distributed by SAC Engineering. Sportflo was born out of a need for affordable, high quality accessories, performance valves, replacement parts and aftermarket components optimised for local conditions. SAC Engineering has proven again and again that a well researched and properly developed product is the only way to go in this day and age of technologically advanced motor cars, where poor design can have catastrophic and expensive results.


Our blank billeted performance valves are forged from a single section of 21-4N stainless steel. The forging process includes: de-burring upsetting stress relieving straightening and shot blasting.


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Performance valves. Refurbished, Replacement, Custom & Racing Valve

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Refurbished Engine Valves

When a valve is worn on the stem or has a pitted seat but is still in a good condition at the cotter area, it is possible to have it refurbished. In a good engineering facility a refurbished valve could be as good as a new one, but be careful it could also result in a lack of engine power if not done properly. At SAC Engineering we have all the technology and expertise to properly refurbish most worn valves even stem wear.

Replacement Engine Valves

There are many replacement valves available today ranging from a cheap no name brand through to a good quality OEM replacement from the specific vehicle manufacturer. The actual valve is similar or the same in shape and size, but the material composition differs substantially. SAC Engineering have a wide range of Replacement Engine Valves in stock and would like to advise you of the best option for your application.

Custom Street Performance Valves

Our Custom Range allows us to manufacture a engine valve for almost any application. If it’s a four stroke engine no matter what type,bike, car, tractor, vintage even a truck, we can supply valves. SAC Engineering have a wide range of blank forms, all made with different materials and in different sizes.

Premium Racing Valves

The Premium Racing Valves are made from high quality 214N or EV8 Stainless Steel forged billets. SAC Engineering believe that our racing engine valves compare favorably with all the top of the range name brands in both appearance and performance. SAC Engineering can supply the racing valves for almost any application.

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  • No minimum order requirements
  • Quality and service is guaranteed
  • Same day delivery – if requested on small orders
  • Valves made to drawings or as per sample.

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